Hello, my name is Brett Rennolds and I am a qualified Solution Focused Hypnotherapist DSFH, HPD, MNCH NCH Supervisor and registered with the Complimentary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).
With over 25 years of solution-focused practice I have come to recognise and value the importance of relationships. In establishing a therapeutic relationship with you I am confident that you will see the changes you seek for your life.
I work sensitively with you to establish a safe, non-judgemental working relationship so that you may push the pause button on life and calmly identify the small practical steps you can take to a better version of you; confident, in control and joyful.

Coronavirus Pandemic Update

You are stronger than you think!
On consideration of both Government Policy and Professional Body Guidelines, I have made the decision to cease face to face contact with immediate effect.  For those existing and new clients ‘online’ platforms are available to provide support as you need it. Please make contact as you would usually to arrange a time.
As a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) practitioner, I encourage all to consider what you can change and what you must accept. Approaching the current uncertainty we all face, in this pragmatic way, will foster a greater sense of wellbeing and calm, reducing those feelings of anxiety and stress whilst helping to promote resilience, compassion and empathy for oneself and others at this most challenging time.
To help you I will be providing signposting to aid in essential self care for all, via this website, in the sincere wish that it results in you being better equipped to to cope, overcome obstacles, achieve positive outcomes whilst enabling you to effectively plan for your wellbeing over the next days, weeks and months.
Adoption of a solution focused mind set will help you to remain present, mindful and positive. There are many things that you can not affect during this current crisis however how you choose to think, act and interact is in your gift and it is how you think, that first small step, that will influence how you feel.
Stay safe and stay well.


I had some health issues and needed to de-stress and find peace.  Sometimes life deals you challenges and you have to learn to cope.  I wanted to get proactive and decided to give hypnotherapy a go.  I am glad I chose to have the sessions with Brett.  Brett is very genuine and trustworthy and has a very calm nature.  He kick started something in me and made me feel positive and clearheaded.  His explanation of the approach helped me see why it would help. If you are thinking about trying hypnotherapy I would recommend Brett.


I have learned so much about how my brain works and have a totally different outlook on life. As a long term depressive I had no idea I had the power and resources to change the way I think and really feel confident and content in every aspect of my life.  Truly life changing.


I started seeing Brett for help with my stress levels, I now have a fabulous relationship with my son, I have lost 1.5 stone and I can actually run for 30 minutes! Totally changed my life.


I would absolutely recommend Brett.  Throughout all of our sessions, he was very professional, objective and supportive.  The therapy was really helpful to me.


I went to see Brett to change my mindset about food and in the process, I also worked through other issues, that I needed to overcome to aid the weight loss. He changed my mindset in so many ways for the better. Brett is professional, extremely knowledgeable and fantastic at what he does. I would recommend him to anyone.


Brett helped me understand how I was reacting to my son’s behaviour and the impact this was having on him. From the first session I noticed a difference in how I dealt with the stresses of dealing with tantrums and was able to quickly identify when my son’s behaviour was going to escalate which helped me deal with this differently.


Thanks for everything Brett.  Made me think completely differently about life and the choices I make.


My time with Brett has been truly transformative. From not seeing a way through my past circumstances, I can now think positively about the future. I now have tools to enable me to move forwards in practical, specific and solution-focussed ways. Thank you Brett.


Brett is welcoming, friendly, very open and seems to “get” you from the off. Plus he makes a wicked cuppa! After only 3 sessions I feel I am sparkling, anything seems possible but more than anything I actually like myself.


I had been surviving and scraping by, but after a few months of seeing Brett, I feel alive.  I’m loving every part of my life; work, hobbies and relationships.  I had forgotten that was a thing!  I highly, highly recommend him.