'My Story'
So if I’m honest I was a little sceptical when it was suggested to me that I should have some “positivity training” or “solution focused intervention”.  My first thought was to go on the defensive and think that people thought I was “losing the plot” as I’m generally quite a positive person but after the year we have just had with Covid and general life’s ups and downs I think I became a little off balance.
The difference in talking to Brett rather than a “counsellor” is it’s not about off loading your problems and talking about what has been but it’s focussing on the here and now and finding a simple solution to the problem, so for me having a busy household and managing everything that happens on a day to day basis it’s making time also for myself and as the weeks went on I found this easier to do with Brett’s help and found myself enjoying doing it!
I would tell myself “what would Brett say?”
I can honestly say I feel calmer, lighter and happier when a situation arises and remain focused and making sure my “tank” is full whether that is one of the kids or something else I remind myself that we can’t change it and to find a solution which is one of my strengths.
I also after another of Brett’s suggestions keep a journal which I write in every morning before doing anything else and every evening before bed, writing what I am grateful for and what I have experienced that day.
If I can say one more thing to whoever is reading this it’s that “everyone should have a Brett in their life” and I thank you Brett for your time and your genuine compassion for what you do.