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What follows are a number of articles and resources that I have noticed over the past week that I hope can provide you with clarity, calm and consensus in these changing times.

Week 8

'Practice these 5 actions each day and ease anxiety as we emerge out of lockdown' (marieclaire)
'How to practice self care whilst stuck in lockdown' (purewow)
'It's ok to not be productive during this pandemic' (popsugar)
'The 8 best yoga teachers online and for free' (elle)
'14 ways to be more positive according to a psychologist' (womenshealth)

Week 7

'7 ways to virtually experience England's most gorgeous gardens' (GH)
'The absolute best online courses for learning something new' (mashable)
'Can't stop procrastinating? Disrupt the cycle with this one question' (inverse)
'6 science based techniques to help stressed out kids' (QDT)
'3 ways to limit the impact of social media bragging' (businessinsider)

Week 6

'Here's how to get through a down day during lockdown' (huffingtonpost)
'Psychiatrists survival guide' (newschain)
'How to calm your inner critic' (mindbodygreen)
'8 ways to create things to look forward to' (self)
'Nighttime routine for best sleep ever!' (mindbodygreen)

Week 5

'A 5-minute bedtime meditation to help you fall asleep' (livestrong)
'16 coach approved tips for getting rid of negative thought patterns' (forbes)
'How to actually take things day be day by a psychologist' (wellandgood)
'8 ivy league colleges are offering free courses right now' (Heart80's)
'5 tips for staying motivated during covid' (medium)

Week 4

'How to get sleep during the lockdown' (bbc)
'How to develop mindfulness in these uncertain times' (medium)
'This Meditation Takes Just a Few Minutes and Helps Me Drift Off to Sleep Every Time' (popsugar)
'Seven habits of the happiest people' (inc)
'Use social isolation to create good habits' (forbes)

Week 3

'4 of the best sleep apps are free right now' (wellandgood)
'A 10 minute guided meditation to accept what is out of your control' (MBG)
'22 ways to protect your mental health during social isolation' (wellandgood)
'We must look after ourselves during these stressful times' (EnergyVoice)
'How to make friends with what you are feeling' (Mindful)

Week 2

4 ways to make the transition from in-person to online therapy a bit easier, according to a therapist (wellandgood)
How to enjoy nature and stay positive during the coronavirus pandemic (discoverwildlife)
6 Ted Talks you should listen to right now (themanual)
How to cope with the stress associated with Coronavirus (jpost)
Self-Care Tips to Practice at Home while Social Distancing (Redfin)

Week 1

'Focus only on what you can control': A solo round-the-world sailor perspective on isolation (Guardian)
6 Peaceful Podcasts To Get You Through Self-Isolation (HeartRadio)
10 tips to help you and your mental health if you find yourself stuck indoors (BristolPost)
10 Ways to stop a spiral of negative thinking in its tracks in 5 minutes or less (WellandGood)
Find peace at home with this 10-Minute Guided Meditation Will Help Mentally Transport You to a Happier Place (PopSugar)