Reflection on Practice
What is Solution Focused Supervision?
Solution Focused Supervision is a structured support system that encourages the hypnotherapist to focus on their abilities, learning and strengths. Helping the therapist to notice what works – their skills, abilities creative ideas when working with their clients.
Supervision for Hypnotherapists
Clinical Supervision is a requirement for membership of the major hypnotherapy organisations and is generally regarded as essential to the provision of effective therapy. Using a solution-focused approach I work in partnership with the practitioner, eliciting their strengths and resources.
For The Individual
Therapists are not the only people who benefit from the opportunity to reflect on and in action.  Reflection is a necessary component of learning and development and the economic reality is that supervision is in rare supply and what is provided is more akin to performance management, achieving targets and setting new goals.
Supervision is about providing the individual with the time to reflect positively on what has been done (assessment) and identify what personal goals (solutions) are right for you moving forward.
There is no hypnotherapy provided in supervision but it is solution focused.  Providing the individual with the platform, time and structure to reflect positively on where they are at so that you may identify where it is you are going.
Therapist or not if external supervision is something you are interested in I would welcome the opportunity to work with you towards your personal developmental goals.